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Swiss watch brand Holgar was
founded on the belief that everyone, everywhere deserves the chance to own anattractive, high-quality Swiss-made watch. Our mission is simple: to uncomplicate Swiss watchmaking and to elevate the everyday timepiece. Built with style and purpose in mind, Holgar Swiss watches are “On Time for Life,” and intended to be worn and enjoyed every day. 

Holgar was founded in 2021 by CEO and Creative Director Nas Ekangaki. Years working in-house at top luxury brands instilled inhim a passion for fine watches and premium craftsmanship. Yet, for Ekangaki, working at these exclusive luxury brands alsounderscored a disparity in the marketplace. 

With few stylish, well-made Swiss watches available in lower price points, for many, owning a quality Swiss made timepiece remained an unattainable dream. With a passion to make Swiss watches more accessible, Ekangaki struck out on his own to establish Holgar, a brand dedicated to creating a limited collection of affordable timepieces while maintaining Swiss standards of watchmaking excellence.   

Stylish yet classic, Holgar watches are made with timeless designs, practical functions, and stand-out materials and finishes, including applied watch hands, sapphire crystals, logo stamped crowns, date windows, chronograph counters, and guilloché and mother-of-pearl dials.  

Each Holgar watch also features the brand’s distinctly shaped case crafted of 5N IP Plated or 904L stainless steel, a superior metal alloy used only by the world’s top watchmakers.

The Holgar commitment to quality is evidenced in the unusual case material choice of 904L EN1.453 stainless steel. Though more costly, 904L steel offers exceptional sheen and a unique luster that surpasses the more common 316L. It is also more resistant to oxidization, making it the superior choice for chemical and aviation applications and a select few watchmakers with exacting standards.  

Holgar crafts and assembles each watch in Bienne, Switzerland, and the brand maintains its high standards and ensures exclusivity by producing no more than 1,500 numbered watches per year, with no more than 100 pieces per model created. 

The company maintains offices in Zug, Switzerland, and Beverly Hills. 

Mission Statement 

We believe watchmaking does not have to be complicated, and that everyone, everywhere deserves the chance to own an attractive, high-quality Swiss made watch.  

For Holgar, simplicity is our watch word, and directs our quest to go back to basics to elevate the everyday timepiece. We do this by focusing on top-quality materials, practical functions, and stylish yet timeless designs. Attainably priced yet exclusive in number, each Holgar wristwatch is made in Switzerland with no more than 1,50 limited and numbered watches produced per year.  

Vision Statement 

Holgar’s vision is to become the leading B2C value Swiss watch brand for discerning price and style-conscious watch lovers. Holgar outstrips similarly priced watches with an unmatched value proposition of exclusivity, authentic Swiss artistry, upgraded finishes, and style. 


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They have fun.  They are inherently non-conformist.  If this sounds like you, Please join us for information about upcoming sports, entertainment, celebrity and lifestyle events and opportunities.

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